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Desktop Publishing Services • DTP

Even if you have an internal department that performs graphic design and/or desktop publishing, there may still be an advantage to using professional Desktop Publishing Services provided by your professional translation company.

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Ad Astra Desktop Publishing Services DTP

What is Desktop Publishing?

Desktop Publishing (DTP) is the act of formatting content to ensure it’s visually acceptable, while making sure there are no anomalies in the way the content is rendered on a page or screen.

AdAstra- Desktop Publishing Services DTP

Efficiency of process

Ad Astra can help with the efficiency of the overall DTP process. Instead of going back and forth between translation and DTP, we can streamline the process and make sure the translations are ready to be printed from the beginning.

Considerations and Next Steps

It’s very important to have the work done by someone who has working knowledge of the target language and understands the visual components of DTP. Ad Astra can help you find the best professional for your next printing/publishing project.

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