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Language Services for Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Delivering empathetic communication vital for patient care and medical research.

Specialized Language Services for Healthcare

Ad Astra provides specialized, HIPAA-compliant language services tailored to the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, ensuring accurate and sensitive communication crucial for patient care and medical research. Our team of expert linguists delivers precise translations for clinical trial documentation, pharmaceutical research, medical device instructions, and patient records. We also offer interpreting services for medical consultations and conferences, facilitating clear communication between healthcare professionals and patients from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Advanced Training in Medical Linguistics

Ad Astra invests in providing continuous training for our linguists to ensure they maintain our commitment to quality and are up to speed with the latest trends in this fast-moving sector. Our commitment to confidentiality, HIPAA regulatory compliance, and up-to-date medical terminology ensure our services meet the highest standards required in the essential healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Expert Perspectives & Visionary Ideas

Gain insights from the leading voices in
language services and communication solutions.


Why Language Services Are Crucial in Insurance

Ad Astra Social Team
MultiLingual, Language services in insurance, multilingual customer support, Translation, Insurance, Language Services


Mistranslation in Insurance – How Language Errors Can Impact Your Business?

Ad Astra Social Team
mistranslation, Mistranslation in Insurance, insurance translation, Translation, Insurance, Insurance Policies


Is Google or Chat GPT Better to Translate With?

Ad Astra Social Team
AI, Google Bard, Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, Food for thought

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