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Precision Language Services for
Aerospace and Defense

Securely connect worlds with 16,500+ linguists.

Communication Solutions

Ad Astra's Aerospace and Defense services are tailored to the sector's dynamic needs, providing precise and secure communication solutions as air travel normalizes post-COVID and defense budgets see an uptick.

Aerospace Translation Experts

We specialize in offering translation and interpreting services that adhere to the high standards required by aerospace and defense clients. We have a pool of US-based cleared linguists at the ready that we can tap for any projects that require cleared personnel.

All Your Interpreting Needs

Our range of services includes translating technical documentation, supporting operations with materials translation, and facilitating international strategic communications with expert interpreting.

Language Services You Can Trust

Highly trained linguists possess the skills to manage confidential information with the highest level of professionalism and precision. We have completed contracts for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOJ, and DHS.

Clear Communication Without Barriers

Ad Astra is equipped to navigate the complexities inherent in aerospace and defense supply chains, ensuring consistent and clear communication is maintained at all operational levels.

Expert Perspectives & Visionary Ideas

Gain insights from the leading voices in
language services and communication solutions.


BTS of CART Captioning: The Technology and Skills Behind the Service

Ad Astra Social Team
Technology, Professional Services, CART Captioning, Food for thought

Mark Shriner

Ad Astra Founder Featured in MultiLingual Magazine

Ad Astra Social Team
Mark Shriner, Interview, MultiLingual, News, Interpretation Management, Lena


Ad Astra Wins Department of Homeland Security (through USCIS) Contract

Ad Astra Social Team
DHS, AdAstraWins, Awards, News, Contract

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