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Medical Device Translation Services

Medical Devices are apparatuses (aka: devices) that provide information to medical professionals about patient conditions. The manufacturers of medical devices are typically global entities that distribute their installations at medical facilities around the world. With that, the devices require multilingual interfaces and linguistic support to enable use around the world, which is achieved through medical device translation. This can also be referred to as medical device localization.

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What’s involved in our Medical Device Translation Services?

Ad Astra’s medical device translation process covers everything from the interface, ensuring a clear and concise UX, to the translation of supporting documentation or the marketing collateral.

Our project managers are well versed in medical device translation projects and can easily guide you through the step-by-step process via our specialist crafted checklists.

We’ll discuss the project requirements, verify past versions of content, ensuring consistency between version terminology while providing you a clear list of terminology that will be used and propagated through your written material.

Irrespective of which language, device-type, or file formats you’d like us to work in, we’ll be happy to accommodate.

Let’s discuss your Medical Device Translation Service needs and linguistic support strategy.

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