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App Translation Services

If you’re in the process of creating an app, then it’s crucial that it reaches the widest audience possible. In today’s competitive digital market, it’s not ideal to limit your services to one language or region. Ad Astra provides app translation services for iOS, Windows, and Android platforms. Our experts are prepared to help you every step of the way.   

When developing any app, it’s important to do market research on which regions in the world would find most use for your services. Although it might seem cost-effective to only offer the app in one language, you could be missing out on significant increases in revenue by offering fully localized, international versions of the service. Keep in mind the translation process doesn’t need to be excessively costly, especially if you decide to only tailor specific features of the app for international audiences. There is a lot of flexibility in this area, and we will make sure to create a plan that best suits your needs and the needs of your project.   

Ad Astra can be as involved in the process as you need. From offering a translation file, to translating within the code itself, we are ready to accommodate any and all requests. We can work with any sort of app type or category and will create a specialized roadmap just for you. We can also localize the app into most languages, so you don’t have to feel restrained when deciding to offer the app in different regions. Latin American Spanish, Chinese and Arabic are significant markets to consider when thinking about providing your app in different languages.  

Reach out to us below to begin discussing your App Translation needs. Including detailed information about your product, as well as your desired market reach will be very helpful in the process of determining your translation needs.

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