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a World Without Language Barriers

Connect across languages and cultures to enhance your services in more than 300 languages and dialects.

A Dedicated Team for Every Industry
In Any Language

Aerospace & Defense

We are here to support you with precise translation and interpreting services for all your technical documents, operational needs, and international strategic communication. Our team of US-based linguists have a proven track record working with prestigious organizations like the FAA, DOJ, and DHS.

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E-learning & Education

Ad Astra enriches the e-learning and education sectors by breaking down language barriers to make knowledge accessible and inclusive. We specialize in localizing educational content ensuring students and educators worldwide can engage with materials in their native languages.

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e-learning and education language services


Ad Astra delivers an array of language solutions that meet the highest standards of confidentiality, and regulatory compliance. From banking documents and investment reports to fintech applications, our comprehensive services can equip your financial institution to communicate with confidence and precision in any language. 

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Finance Industry Language Services

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

We understand the importance of clear communication in healthcare. Our HIPAA-compliant language services ensure accuracy and sensitivity in everything from clinical trial documents to patient records. Our expert linguists are highly trained in medical terminology and ready to bridge the language gap between healthcare professionals and patients, fostering better care and research collaboration.

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We are leading the way in providing specialized language services tailored for the insurance sector. With precision and expertise, we navigate the complexities of policy documents, claims, and customer communications. Our team offers robust translation and localization services designed to ensure clarity, compliance, and accessibility in over 300 languages and dialects. 

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Insurance industry

Manufacturing & Energy

With our vast experience working with manufacturing and energy companies worldwide, Ad Astra will partner with you to deliver high-quality language services that support your global growth strategies. Our team of linguists and industry experts specializes in translating technical documents, manuals, and product specifications for the manufacturing sector.

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manufacturing and energy translation


Bringing your stories to the world is our passion. We offer a complete suite of media services, from subtitling and dubbing to translation and transcription. We handle all formats, from movies to social media content, ensuring cultural relevance and keeping your audience engaged.

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Public Sector

With over a decade of experience serving local, state, and federal agencies, we understand the unique challenges the public sector industry faces. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures clear communication across a broad range of content areas, from education and healthcare to legal matters and international relations. We prioritize security and compliance, adhering to HIPAA and other regulations, and are a GSA-certified provider.

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Ad Astra empowers your technology to reach a global audience. We provide high-quality, rapid translations across over 300 languages, ensuring your message resonates worldwide. Our linguists and industry experts leverage advanced tools to reduce costs and expedite translations, from software interfaces to marketing materials and patent applications.

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Travel & Retail

The world is your marketplace with Ad Astra. We bridge the language gap for travel and retail businesses, helping you reach new audiences through culturally-sensitive translations and localization. From travel brochures to e-commerce websites, our experts ensure your message resonates globally, boosting sales and customer engagement.

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With dedicated teams assigned to each sector, we guarantee specialized attention to ensure your business' unique terminology and nuances are accurately translated. Whether it's legal, medical, technical, or any other field, our language experts can serve your needs in any language, delivering precision and cultural sensitivity.

World-Class Communication Solutions

300 +

Spoken languages, dialects, and signed languages served

130 K+

per year

16 K+


Break Down Language Barriers,
Build Up Global Connections

Team up with Ad Astra for your language service needs,
and feel the impact of a global communication leader at your side.

Expert Perspectives & Visionary Ideas

Gain insights from the leading voices in
language services and communication solutions.


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