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We're a full-service language company, providing spoken language interpretation, translation, Deaf/HOH services to corporate entities, governments, and organizations around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Scalable, professional language services for your business

Ad Astra has been consistently delivering top-shelf language services since 2010. The reason how is simple. We are amongst the most client-centric language services companies servicing individuals, leading corporate entities, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

We customize our approach to each client, guaranteeing a unique client experience paired with unparalleled service standards, which results in the very best translation services, interpretation services and Deaf/H0H services by leveraging our professional team.

What’s more, we have a strong ethical code that ensures you can feel good about your language investment. Why? Because we reinvest our time and services to help those in need of pro bono services. We also advocate for those who would otherwise not have a voice. Not everyone can say they feel good about their language investment – but you will.

For each project, you’ll be able to speak with our specialists, prior, during and after, to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the lifecycle of your language project. What’s more, you’ll also receive a dedicated project manager and a guaranteed response time of 10 minutes on your requests.

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2 Distinct Communities. 1 main objective. Accessibility.

Deaf / Hard of Hearing community

Ad Astra has authentic Deaf Leadership. We believe that in order to serve a community, or help others communicate with it, we have to understand that community. Whether through American Sign Language or other services.

To that point, Ad Astra employs Deaf/HoH persons in positions of Leadership because they are the only ones that can genuinely advocate, educate and communicate the challenges of their community to our hearing team members and clients. Ad Astra as a result provides the very best Deaf/HoH services to the world.

Limited English Proficiency community

Ensuring our Nation’s Limited English Proficient (LEP) population of more than 25 million has access to accurate communication and information is of the utmost importance to us here at Ad Astra.

Our mission is driven by our respect for the diverse communities that make up the rich multicultural fabric of the Americas and beyond. As a company originally founded by and for immigrant populations, we go beyond merely interpreter staffing.

Our Spoken Interpretation Services, Translation Services
and Deaf/HoH Services

AdAstra Leading Spoken Interpretation Services Icon

Interpretation Services

Professional interpreters at the ready.
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Ad Astra On-Demand or Scheduled Virtual Interpreting Services VI Icon

Virtual Interpreting

Scheduled interpreting delivered in any platform.
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Ad Astra Transcreation Services Icon

Transcreation Services

Translating intent through the words of an author.
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Ad Astra Professional document Translation Services Icon

Translation Services

Professional document translation in 250+ languages.
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Ad Astra On-Demand or Scheduled Virtual Remote Interpreting Services VRI Icon

Video Remote Interpreting

On demand interpreting delivered via our leading platform.
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Ad Astra Subtitles Closed Captioning

Subtitling Services

SRTs and closed captioning, we know subtitling services.
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Ad Astra Community-led Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services DHoH Icon

Deaf/HoH Services

A collection of Deaf & Hard of Hearing services for your needs
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Ad Astra Top Tier Over the Phone Interpreting Services OPI Icon


Instant access to an interpreter with Over the Phone Interpretation.
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Ad Astra Desktop publishing DTP Services Icon


Premium Desktop Publishing services for your media needs.
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Ad Astra Leading ASL Interpretation Services Icon

ASL Interpreting

ASL interpreting services for on-site and virtual needs.
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Ad Astra CART Services Communication Access Real Time Services Icon


Communication Access Realtime Translation equals captions.
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Ad Astra Cultural Consulting Services Icon

OQLF Consulting

Understanding cultural competency ensures foreign success.
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Ad Astra Software,Game, App Localization Services Icon

Localization Services

Trusted L10N services for software, apps and games.
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Ad Astra Oral Transliteration Services Icon

Cued Speech Services

Interpretation for Deaf/HoH individuals that use speech.
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Ad Astra Leading Tactile Interpretation Services Icon

Tactile Interpretation

Providing tactile interpreting for our Deaf-Blind peers.
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