Interpretation, translation and transcription services for any language 24x7x365.

What We Do

We offer reliable, cost effective, and flexible comprehensive linguistic support in 250+ foreign and signed languages.

Our services are available through every imaginable medium.

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Workshops & Training

We consider ourselves “ambassadors of access” and offer a number of workshops and training opportunities.
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Reflective Practice and Case Conferencing For Interpreters


A PCRID sponsored workshop, “Reflective Practice and Case Conferencing For Interpreters” with presenter Robyn K. Dean, CI/CT, PhD. This December 14th (Saturday)…

Legal Interpreting Program Spring 2020
Legal Interpreting Program Spring 2020

02/03/2020 – 04/13/2020

Ad Astra’s Legal Interpreting Program presents training in the full range of legal settings and the fundamentals of legal processes to help…

Medical Interpreting Course Image
Medical Interpreting Course Winter 2020

01/04/2020 – 02/15/2020

This comprehensive 56-hour medical interpretation course goes well beyond the traditional 40-hour medical health interpreter training program. Added features include detailed instruction…

Who We Serve

We specialize in performing a full range of language support for a range of professional markets.

We serve a variety of professional markets.

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Our Community



Diversity drives our mission and our work in 250+ foreign languages as well as signed languages across the full spectrum of language services.
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GALA 2019 … Another Epic Conference for the Record Books

July 17, 2019

Ad Astra joined fellow global industry leaders in language services for networking and thought exchange March 24-27 in Munich, Germany. Hosted by…

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Diving into Medical Interpretation Ethics

July 17, 2019

On a crisp spring morning in March, we kicked off deaf history month with a phenomenal day-long workshop to sharpen our skills…

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