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Provide a deeper level of connection to engage the Deaf community

Enhancing Inclusivity with CART Services

Ad Astra is dedicated to inclusivity and accessibility with our Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) services. CART is a specialized offering that delivers instant verbatim translation of spoken words into written text. This service is invaluable in educational settings, conferences, live events, and business meetings, where it allows the Deaf community to engage fully.

Bridging Communication Gaps with Technology and Human Expertise

Our CART professionals are trained to capture not only the words but the essence of the spoken message, including tone and context, ensuring a rich and complete communication experience. Using the latest technology with a human touch to provide real-time captioning on various platforms, Ad Astra's CART services ensure that every participant has the same opportunity to access information, fostering an environment of equality and understanding.

Expert Perspectives & Visionary Ideas

Gain insights from the leading voices in
language services and communication solutions.


BTS of CART Captioning: The Technology and Skills Behind the Service

Ad Astra Social Team
Technology, Professional Services, CART Captioning, Food for thought

Healthcare and Language Access Series

Silvia Garcia Codony – Managing PTSD in a Digital Age

Ad Astra Social Team
Healthcare and Language Access Series

Healthcare and Language Access Series

Healthcare and Language Access Series: Dele Atanda Interview – Your Data, Your Future

Ad Astra Social Team
Healthcare and Language Access Series

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