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What Is The Best Way To Get Translation Services?

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You can’t be a local champion forever; a time will come when you will have to widen your market overseas or engage with consumer and partners that don’t speak your language. As a business expanding abroad, you’ll need to rely on translators to help your message reach a global audience.  

Indeed, Google Translate is one of the most accessible translation tools out there with its state of the art AI technology and mobile functionality. Yet, The Atlantic describes it as shallow and far from real human understanding. We can all think of disastrous translation attempts in our own personal usages of it.  

While Google Translate and similar tools are growing in adoption, they have proven over time that they can’t substitute professional human translation services offered by Ad Astra.

Why you should settle for Professional Translation Services

The reason why most entities settle for Google Translate is the ability to save both time and cost. But by taking shortcuts to translation, you could find yourself in uncomfortable situations. Imagine the damaging effects a poorly translated immigration document could have for instance? You don’t have to put your business or personal reputation and wellbeing on the line. A simple search online can pull up innumerable examples of poorly translated content that have jeopardized marketing efforts.

best translation services company in US

As a professional translation service, we factor in the content, material, and target language. We also consider the target audience and how the original message can be preserved. More importantly, we lookout for technical details and the use of industry-specific language to help reach the target audience with total accuracy.  

At Ad Astra, we adhere to best practices that require that we double check materials while looking out for consistency, accuracy, grammar, style, terminology, and overall quality. It’s this obsessive and meticulous process that allows us to arrive at high-quality translations.  

To determine the perfect translation service for your needs, here’s what you should consider.

The Availability of Certified and Qualified Resources 

More than just a trained translator is required to arrive at a flawless translation. There’s also the place of reviewers, editors, proofreaders, and quality assurance linguists. The combination of these experts will help deliver an excellent translation that gets results.  

By relying on trained translation professionals, they can deliver guaranteed results more quickly and more accurately than someone involved in translation as a side gig on Fiverr or Upwork.  

The Perks of a Professional Service

You are better off with a translation service that has dedicated project managers for your work combined with our track record of providing services in over 200 languages. With this number of languages, we’ve been able to work with countless business across multiple industries and sectors of the economy. All while maintaining a culture of   excellence in our areas of competence.   

In addition to our competency is our ability to match your expedient needs. Right from accepting a task, our translators estimate the period required to deliver a flawless job. Does the piece require graphical reworking? Are there regional considerations in dialect that have to be considered? All of these pieces are factored in from the start.  

This process also helps us to provide an accurate delivery time, so your activities can be well scheduled and in turn work around your needs without disrupting your business. You can also rest assured that the confidentiality of your materials is of the utmost importance to us. As a business. We understand that these documents can have a life-altering impact on our clients and their intended audience.  

professional translation services provider

Final Thoughts 


Businesses have realized that winning the trust of their global audience will require communicating effectively. You have to go all out to make communication with your overseas clients seamless – shortcuts won’t yield the results that you need. That’s where collaborating with a high-quality translation service provider like Ad Astra comes in.  

At Ad Astra, we understand that every piece of content or material has a consequence on a business or individuals’ growth, survival, and outcomes. That’s why we put together a team of highly skilled translators and project managers that rely on the best technology, tools and processes. More importantly, we know the immediacy that is attached to every translation. That’s why we’re continuously evolving in our project management and scheduling processes.  

We are ready to add value to your business through our professional translation service. We are positioned to help businesses prosper with a global outlook!