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DC Design Week 2020


A whirlwind of expression and creativity took place from September 18th through 25th at DC Design Week 2020! Despite the obstacles that COVID-19 posed, DCDW produced an inclusive and open virtual space for visionaries of all kinds. As a supporting sponsor, Ad Astra Inc. supported language access to DCDW’s brilliant events for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing attendees by providing real-time closed captioning (CART) and ASL interpreters.


DC Design Week 2020 - Ad Astra Sponsor

Is your online conference space accessible?

A Celebration of Creative Thinkers

DCDW started in 2016 as a way to unite and celebrate the art community in the DMV area. Though the city has deep literary and musical roots, politics is probably the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think of Washington, DC. Last week DCDW hosted keynote speakers, intimate workshops, a directory of local makers, and even a self-guided street art tour.

Accessibility is key in fostering inclusive spaces in the creative field and across industries.

We look to our creators to explain the world through design, writing, physical space, products, and trends. When creative spaces are centered around inclusion, we broaden our market of influence and create better content. Instead of marginalizing identities in our community, DCDW illustrated how we can be a more inclusive simply by changing the color of captioning, providing ASL interpreters, being aware of our shared histories, and checking in with the attendees regularly to ensure a safe space. By expanding their access, DCDW was able to have innovative conversations examining the design world and DC through more than the stereotypical lens.

Elevating Creativity in a Digital Space

The Ad Astra team attended multiple events throughout the week including; Anti-Racism for Design Professionals, Designing for Activism, Accessible Voting by Design, Zine for Change, Chocolate City: The History of DC’s Urban Design, Diversity Behind the Lens, and more. The panelists all spoke from deep places of knowledge and care for craft, reflecting the diversity and passion of the DC art community.

“Diversity is beyond the color spectrum. It’s giving people a chance to tell their stories.” –Beverly Price

DC Design Week - Cropped IMG_collage

We hope to continue to see inclusive and accessible events like DC Design Week, who did a marvelous job of encompassing diversity and empowering marginalized communities.