Washington, District of Columbia – July 25, 2022.


Ad Astra, Inc. is immensely honored to announce a feature in USA Today celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). USA Today has continuously presented the public with timely news fostering a united sense of understanding. Today’s paper spotlights the 20th anniversary of DHS who provides protection for people across the nation with a vast range of services including immigration, customs, and border protection.

Ad Astra proudly serves DHS by bridging the gap hundreds of people face with language barriers. Through easily accessible over the phone services, individuals with limited English proficiency (LEP) can communicate in their native language with highly trained OPI interpreters. OPI ensures that individuals with LEP can access DHS services regardless of location. Through Ad Astra and DHS, individuals from across the world can comfortably communicate their needs with an established level of confidence and trust.

It is a privilege to partner with such esteemed organizations who provide resources, security, and a fortified sense of community for all individuals. USA Today’s 20th anniversary of DHS featuring Ad Astra is now available at https://bit.ly/43J3Z7Q [Ensure it is the latest edition.]

Ad Astra Inc Featured in USA Today DHS Edition

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