Tips for Effective Communication During Over the Phone Interpreting Sessions

The significance of Over the phone Interpretation (OPI) in connecting clients to their customers or patients cannot be overstated, particularly in the current era of global connectivity.

As businesses and healthcare providers strive to serve an increasingly diverse clientele, linguistic barriers can present a considerable obstacle to effective communication.

OPI has emerged as a vital tool to overcome these challenges by providing rapid and convenient access to interpreters who can facilitate communication between parties speaking different languages.

Effective communication during Over the phone interpreting sessions is crucial to ensuring accurate interpretation and avoiding adverse outcomes that could risk someone’s well-being or cause other problems.An Ad Astra OPi interpreter chats with a client.

For clients, following a few simple tips can improve the quality of communication during these calls and ensure that all parties involved are understood clearly.

In this guide we explore tips for effective communication during over the phone interpreting sessions.

Tips For Effective Communication During OPI Sessions

Importance of speaking directly to LEP consumer

Speaking directly to the Limited English Proficiency (LEP) consumer is essential rather than speaking to the interpreter.

This ensures that the LEP consumer is the conversation’s focus and helps establish trust and rapport between the parties involved. By speaking directly to the LEP consumer, you can also gauge their level of understanding and adjust your communication style accordingly.

Speaking slowly and clearly for accurate interpretation

Secondly, it is important to speak slowly and clearly, using simple language when possible.

This allows the interpreter to catch every word and convey the message accurately to the LEP consumer. It is crucial to enunciate your words clearly and audibly (without being excessively loud).An over the phone interrupter connects to an Ad Astra client.

Speaking too quickly or using complex language can lead to misunderstandings and inaccuracies, which can have serious consequences. Additionally, pausing between sentences or important points is vital to allow the interpreter time to catch up and ensure the message is conveyed accurately.

Allow the interpreter to control the flow of the call

For consecutive interpretation, it is crucial to allow the interpreter to control the flow of the call.

This means not speaking for more than a few sentences without pausing to allow the interpreter to convey the message accurately. Interrupting the interpreter or talking over them can lead to confusion and inaccuracies, which can have negative consequences.

Need for a good environment for clear communication

Lastly, it is vital to have a good environment free of noise and a good loudspeaker! This ensures that all parties can hear each other clearly and reduces the risk of misunderstandings due to poor audio quality.Need for a good environment for clear communication

Challenges Related to Interpretation

Interpreting is a considerably more tricky task than it appears. The interpreter must convert the spoken language of one party into another language in real time without interrupting the flow of conversation.

This requires a vast vocabulary in both languages and a sharp intellect to retrieve the appropriate words quickly. The interpreter’s proficiency and experience in this field are vital.

One of the most challenging interpretation jobs is Over the phone interpretation!

As OPI lacks visual cues, a large portion of communication cues is lost, making it more challenging for the interpreter to avoid misunderstandings and ensure accurate interpretation.

Since OPI jobs are more prone to miscommunications, it is crucial to play your part in guaranteeing a successful interpretation session

Remember to Hire a Trustworthy Provider

Your initial step should be to engage a skilled and dependable provider for OPI, like Ad Astra. During your assessment of potential providers, it is imperative to carefully scrutinize the online evaluations provided by previous customers. Furthermore, peruse their website to assess their level of expertise.

A reputable interpretation company typically retains a team of interpreters who possess proficiency in diverse languages and fields. This enables them to furnish their services seamlessly in any scenario, irrespective of the languages spoken by you and the other party.A close up image of an ad astra over the phone interpreter setup.


Following these tips can improve the quality of communication during Over the phone interpreting sessions and ensure that all parties involved are understood clearly.

This is crucial for avoiding adverse outcomes and risks to someone’s well-being and establishing trust and rapport between the parties involved.

By preparing for the call, using clear and concise language, confirming understanding, and maintaining professionalism, interpreters can provide accurate and efficient interpretation services, and clients can feel confident that their message is being conveyed accurately.

Implementing these communication tips you can confidently overcome any language barrier! We hope this guide helps your communication during over the phone interpreting sessions.An ad astra OPI team helps a government client

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