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TeleHealth and TeleMedicine Language Services

TeleHealth and TeleMedicine language services promote accessibility of information, ease of communication and enhance patient care. Through Ad Astra’s TeleHealth and TeleMedicine comprehensive translation and interpretation services, we can effectively create a linguistic support strategy for your remotely rendered services.

TeleHealth and TeleMedicine are medical services here to stay and have significantly increased in use in recent years. TeleHealth encompasses TeleMedicine, and they are considered two distinct segments of healthcare. They each require specialized translation and interpretation services, so it’s important not to combine them.

TeleHealth is the collection of digital management, the transfer, and use of health records, online chat, and incorporating video conferencing platforms like Teams, Zoom, etc., to provide healthcare-related services. TeleMedicine, by contrast, refers explicitly to providing direct patient care through a video conferencing platform, such as Teams or Zoom.

Our track record of quality TeleHealth Interpretation Services

Ad Astra already provides TeleHealth and TeleMedicine translation and interpretation services to leading hospitals, medical facilities, medical practitioners, and their patients throughout North America. We are available to help with all projects, big or small, and our years of experience will ensure you have the most professional and reliable experience possible.

Healthcare information is best understood in one’s native tongue, especially in critical cases. Don’t overlook the importance of having a serious team of experts assist you with the language-related aspects of these services, as they can have significant consequences in the lives of those who use them. We understand that and take it very seriously, so we will always keep the patient’s best interests at heart in our work.

Contact us below to discuss your TeleHealth and TeleMedicine translation and interpretation needs. Providing detailed information about the project, your desired outreach, and any specific requirements you may have will help us develop a tailored plan of action that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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