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English to French (Canadian) Translation Services

French Canadian Translation is not like other French Translation…

While it’s true that French Canadian Translation Services won’t differ very much from other French Translation Services in terms of process and practice, it will differ greatly in terms of the French Translation itself.

French Canadian is used in translation when companies look to sell services or products within Canada, and/or more often within Québec, which boasts a strong ~82% of the population being francophone. That means having French as a first language.

That’s a huge market potential to ignore. Need to learn more about doing business in Québec? Look into our French Language Consulting Services (Francisation Consulting).

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What makes our French Canadian Translation Services different from other agencies?

That’s a great question. It could be that our French Canadian Translation services use in-house professional translators, who have graduated from University Translation Study Programs.

Or, it could be the fact that our process goes above and beyond the standard agency TEP (Translator/Editing/Proofreading) process by adding a Quality Assurance verification at every step in the process in addition to a final Quality Assurance again, prior to delivery.

That’s a process that uses up to 3 different translation professionals on each request. We’re pretty sure that has something to do with it. But even with that, there’s quite a few more reasons, we’re different.

We’re committed to working for causes we believe in. Currently, Ad Astra works with different advocacy groups, Children’s foundations and human rights organizations because we do believe they need the most help carrying their message across borders, tongues and cultures.

Can’t afford to properly translate your organizations message? Let’s discuss your needs, maybe we can help.

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Using Freelance Translators for French Canadian?

We’re happy you’re getting your translations done by a professional translator.

Did you know though, that your French Canadian Freelancer is probably about the same price as our rates? Yeah, we were surprised as well.

We’re almost programmed to think that a freelancer will be more cost-effective, which would of course make sense. However, freelancers usually cost around 75-80% of a Language Service Company’s total rate.

And for that extra 20-25%, our process uses a professional project workflow, leading technology, and includes a dedicated project manager, up to 3 professional translators per project, the ability to handle any file format, technical assistance on file formats, Translation Memory and Glossary exports, recommendation on industry best-practices, post-delivery service support and certificates of accuracy (if requested).

That’s a lot of bang for an additional 20-25%. Let’s chat.

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