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CART Services

CART Services or Communication Access Real-Time Translation Services are live captions and audio descriptions for your events done through our professional linguistic and technical support.

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Ad Astra CART real time captions

What are CART Services?

CART (Communication Access Real-Time Translation) is the process of creating live captions for conferences, concerts, presentations, or any other kind of live event. By pairing a team of CART writing experts with dependable technology, we provide instant accessibility for your events’ Deaf and Hard of Hearing attendees.
Communication Access Real-Time Translation Services are a valuable service that allows Deaf and Hard of Hearing attendees to participate in your event fully. It can also help to improve communication between speakers and attendees, regardless of their hearing abilities. In addition, CART can increase engagement and understanding of your event content.
If you are planning an event, we encourage you to consider using CART to make your event more accessible to all attendees.
Although it might sound like a complex task, it’s made simple by our expert team of qualified linguists and technologists, allowing you to have a live translation in almost any event.

Ad Astra CART Services

How does Ad Astra provide expert CART Services?

We offer CART Services tailored to the language needs of your classroom, event, or conference. In addition to real-time transcription of spoken language in any language, we can also provide detailed descriptions of the sonic environment, including tones and intonation. For example, we can identify background noise, distinguish between different speakers, and indicate when someone is speaking loudly or softly.

We can also provide our incredible CART services remotely. All we need is an audio-visual feed from your event or classroom. Our leading technology and certified and skilled linguists will process and caption your sound in real-time. You can rest assured that we will meet your live caption needs.

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