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About the Ad Astra, the company

Ad Astra, Inc. established in 2010 is a woman-owned language company, providing spoken language interpretation, translation, Deaf / HOH services and more to corporate entities, governments, and organizations around the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our company’s philosophy is focused on cultural awareness, cultural competency and advocacy in order to promote communication between people from different cultures, abilities, social statuses and walks of life. Our company’s professionally delivered language services reflect our commitment to four distinct pillars; language, diversity, culture and community.

With language services being offered in more than 250+ languages and dialects, including spoken languages and any signed language from around the world, Ad Astra is a true leader in global language service provision.

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Your team is absolutely fantastic! I’m certain the translation is even better than the original!

Jen – Marketing Director

About the Ad Astra, the services

We provide holistic language services ensuring that every department in your organization irrespective of domain will be serviced at the highest level. We assemble customized modular teams that are quickly deployed guaranteeing fulfillment of any request.

From on-site foreign language and sign language interpretation services to translation services and over-the-phone interpretation services (OPI), video remote interpretation services (VRI), to on-site and remote Communication-Access Real-Time services (CART); transcription, and more, Ad Astra offers the most complete spectrum of language services.

Ad Astra is purely client centric. We have a top track record of fast response, flexible, cost-effective, accurate, high-quality, and innovative services with countless accolades for our exceptional customer service and intimate understanding of the communities we serve. We are deeply committed to both the Limited English Proficient (LEP) and Deaf/Hard of Hearing communities, and our service model strives to offer as many different services as there are possibilities.

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