Halloween in Other Cultures and Languages

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For English-speaking countries, October is the start of autumn, the spooky season, and Halloween! But did you know Halloween is a celebration inherited from the ancient Celtic festival Samhain involving ghosts and religious rituals?Celebrations around those who have passed or connections to the underworld can be found all throughout the globe in every culture, each celebrated with unique traditions and rituals.Before this halloween weekend we’ll share what Halloween is in other cultures and languages.

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Why These Are The Top 5 Most Difficult Languages to Translate

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In this day and age, we connect and work with people from all around the world. Most of us will agree that the world has gotten smaller with the new technology and travel possibilities. With this change, we are also more connected to different cultures, languages, and dialects. To understand what is going on in the world, think about the news, art, media, and other critical resources. How do we access this content? Through translation of course! Without translation, we wouldn’t be able to understand each other.

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What International Translation Day Means To Ad Astra

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September 30th marks International Translation Day. It’s a day to put a spotlight on one of the most unseen and thankless components of the written word in a global space. Translation is no mere press and click language conversion, it’s an incredibly artful and deliberate process of finding meaning for meaning across cultures, histories, and people. A good translation is one that you don’t even think of as you read it, one that entirely matches the intent and voice of the source material.

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The Countries With the Most Official Languages and How They Translate

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With more than 6,500 languages worldwide, it is not uncommon for countries to have more than one official language. An official language has a legal status and is the most used throughout the nation in politics, government and education.But for a host of reasons, not every country can agree on only one language, and that results in countries having as many as 37 official languages. We’ll explore the top 5 countries with the most official languages and how they translate them.

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