4 Unexpected Countries That Speak Spanish

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Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language, following behind English and French. There is an estimate stating that 572 million people speak Spanish all over the world! It is also the 2nd most studied language in the world. So if it wasn’t clear before, Spanish is of great importance for many people to communicate through various forms of news, literature, art and beyond!That so many countries in South America speak Spanish doesn’t really come as a surprise though. There are some countries that you probably won’t expect speak Spanish either as an official language or as a 2nd language. Want to know which countries we’re talking about? Let’s dive into these unexpected Spanish-speaking countries below!

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6 of the Most Common Spanish Translation Errors

Spanish is an official language in more than 20 countries with an estimated half a trillion speakers! As you can guess innumerable dialects and regional variances course throughout the language’s veins. Spanish-English translation therefor comes with a host of potential errors, goofs, and issues to look out for. Dive into this deep exploration of 6 of the most common Spanish translation errors.

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