Getting your Cannabis Packaging & Labeling Done Right

Ad Astra Blog Header Getting your Cannabis Packaging & Labeling Done Right

The cannabis market has grown rapidly in recent years. From medical technology, cannabis-infused beauty, food and drink products, dispensaries and all the associated marketing materials! Despite the industry’s growth, government packaging and labeling rules exist.

Since most labeling regulations are state or country-specific, product packaging is required to meet those laws. Labeling and packaging regulations are still evolving so it’s important for companies to stay current.

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Communicate Effectively with Your Limited English Proficient Staff

Ad Astra Blog Header How to communicate more effectively with your ELL/LEP staff

Communication is a crucial part of any organization! Many people that don’t have the right approach or care in communicating with Non-English speaking or English Language Learning staff can become easily frustrated.  

This can impair the communication between individuals and management that is necessary for effective decision-making, planning and executing projects, or even simply understanding a company’s culture and mission.  

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How Language Services Support HR

Ad Astra Blog Header How Language Services Support HR

In any company, good communication is key. 

And how can we ensure that when we deal with a multinational staff? 

Modern workforce is more diverse than ever, with bilingual, multilingual and LEP (Limited English Proficiency) employees. This is especially true in the USA, where international and multilingual teams are pretty common. 

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