Best Practices for Medical Device Translation

Ad Astra Blog Header Best Practices for Medical Device Translation

Medical device translation is a sector where a single word can have the power to change lives! Quality control, regulatory compliance and product marketing are some of the main reasons medical device translation is essential. 

Medical translation for devices is essential in helping doctors and other medical professionals access your product and related information, regardless of language barriers. 

If you’re thinking of translating your medical device information or hiring a trusted partner like us to do it, here are essential tips that will help you reach your goals and ensure total accuracy. 

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Are there languages that can’t be translated?

Ad Astra Blog Header Are there languages that can’t be translated?

With more than 7,000 languages alive… there certainly must be some untranslatables ones, right?

Technically the answer is no, there are no languages that can’t be translated. But, indeed, we can’t have a 100% accurate translation with any language.

So the answer to this question is not that simple. Untranslatability is a topic that has been discussed for centuries between translation theorists, linguists, writers, poets, philosophers…

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What Is The Best Way To Get Translation Services?

A woman thinks about how to get good translations ad astra

You can’t be a local champion forever; a time will come when you will have to widen your market overseas or engage with consumer and partners that don’t speak your language. As a business expanding abroad, you’ll need to rely on translators to help your message reach a global audience. In this guide we’ll explain what the best way to get translation is.

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What tools do professional translators use?

Ad Astra Blog what tools translators use

Translation and its tools have come a long way from the days of Gilgamesh being translated into different Asian languages to modern apps that can snap a photo of text and translate it at the press of a button.The Internet has totally revolutionized language access and understanding of contemporary and historical texts and documents worldwide.

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