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Specialized Website Translation Services

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Specialized Website Translation Services

Ad Astra makes your website global through Specialized Website Translation Services. Suppose your site is contained within a CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or even larger, more corporate-level CMSs like Kentico. In that case, our website translation services enable direct CMS integration for real-time reception of published content. This streamlines the overall translation process and eliminates annoying content preparation and management on your end.

Whether the site was developed in a proprietary or commercially available CMS, in PHP, HTML5, Node JS or a mix of many languages, Ad Astra ensures that our website translation services provide peace of mind that your content is properly taken care of.

Offering the site in different languages will increase your traffic and ensure you have recurring visitors. Knowing that you offer inclusive services can also improve the image of your site and brand, which will result in better engagement overall.

When developing any website, it’s essential to do market research on which regions in the world would find the most use for your services. Although it might seem cost-effective to only offer the website in one language, you could be missing out on significant increases in revenue by providing fully localized, international versions of the service.

Keep in mind the translation process doesn’t need to be excessively costly, especially if you decide to only tailor specific features of the app for international audiences. There is a lot of flexibility in this area, and we will make sure to create a plan that best suits your needs and the needs of your project.

Talk to us about direct integration for our translation services or how we can take care of your specialized needs. Including detailed information about the project and your desired outreach will greatly help us understand what’s the best plan of action to bring the most success to your page.

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