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Recreational Cannabis Translation Services

With a 2000+ term glossary specifically related to cannabis and a team of cannabis-savvy professional translators, we lead the way for all recreational cannabis-related translation services.

Whether you work for an international cannabis company, which produces cannabis for recreational use, have a dispensary or even sell cannabis-related services or accessories, it’s of critical importance that you use specialized cannabis translation services to ensure you’re accurately communicating information while also increasing revenue opportunities through market education.

As this industry is only partially accepted everywhere, it is of the utmost importance that you communicate with consumers in a way that carefully details the contents and uses of your product. Hiring a professional translator with this specific skill set ensures you are doing your due diligence to communicate as responsibly as possible.

Recreational cannabis has such a broad spectrum of messaging, information, and products, which must be technically precise when translating for foreign or local markets. Professional cannabis translation services can accurately handle the translation for recreational cannabis content, including packaging, marketing campaigns, cannabis strain information, and its effects, services, products, and accessories.

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Knowing the difference between cannabinoids and phenotypes, THC and CBD, while understanding the implications of using different strains for different effects, from winding down after a hard day, or energizing before enjoying a night out, is just the starting point for your chosen service partner.
You might think investing in this type of translation is not worth investing in due to this market’s instability. However, as society changes and embraces recreational cannabis more and more, it’s always good to be prepared to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Reach out to us below to begin discussing your translation needs. Including detailed information about the project and your desired outreach will greatly help us understand the best action plan.

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