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Government Translation

Ad Astra, Inc. has been proudly serving Federal, State, County and municipal Governments since inception in 2010.

Governments have a varied language service scope and as such Ad Astra, Inc. has refined our ability to accommodate all requests. From single language, single service projects to multilingual and multi-service requests with complex matrices of priorities and requirements, Ad Astra, Inc. has excelled.

No matter the service required, our project managers and schedulers see to it that our government clients are treated with top priority and care.

Each Government account is assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager to streamline communication by providing a primary Point of Contact.

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GSA Approved Vendor

Being a GSA approved vendors ensures that Government clients are receiving the absolute best pricing available. This means that there exists peace of mind with respect to what investment is being made towards language assistance. Our fee schedule outlines all services and languages services with their respective pricing, free for the government to peruse at their leisure.

What’s more is that Ad Astra, Inc. generously grants government-associated organizations the same level of optimal pricing. Why? Simply because we believe in serving our clients holistically and often these organizations are unable to pay “market” value for their important requirements. After all, information accessibility is a right for all Americans.

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