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E-Learning Translation Services

Ad Astra is passionate about E-Learning Translation Services because we know that in today’s times, remote education requirements have evolved to the point where E-learning is now mainstream. E-learning also increases accessibility for students of all needs and will improve how your education services are perceived. Not being prepared to provide professional and comprehensive e-learning services will seriously disadvantage you. We can help you overcome this challenge.

Ou Approach to Remote Learning

We value the reach and inclusivity of E-Learning Translation Services. We make it possible for your E-Learning courseware to be accessible to a global audience. As more people turn to this style of learning, companies will invest more resources in creating high-quality E-Learning options and platforms.

E-Learning Formats and Deliverables

Our team can work with virtually any E-Learning platform or file type and provide complete deliverables. We can provide just the translated XLIFF (.xlf) files for you to re-import into your chosen medium or provide you with the fully localized course. We can help with any coursework or topic and will use the correct terminology for whatever you teach. You’ll have our support every step of the way to create the best translations possible.

We know that e-learning is most effective when it is easy to understand. That’s why we offer fully customizable e-learning solutions that we tailor to the needs of any audience. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure that your e-learning project is a success.

Reach out to us below to begin discussing your E-learning translation needs. The more information you provide about your project, the better we can understand your needs and develop a plan to meet them. If you can give us a clear idea of your desired coursework and results, it will help us to be more efficient and produce results faster.


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