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E-Learning Translation Services
(eCourseware, aka. E-Courseware)

Ad Astra has developed expertise in E-Learning Translation Services by having a dedicated mentoring philosophy with respect to E-Learning. Our resources participate in the localization of E-Learning and E-Courseware translation initiatives from leading global entities.

Ad Astra is passionate about E-Learning Translation Services, because we know that in today’s times, remote education requirements have evolved to the point where E-learning is now mainstream.

Remote Learning

As we’ve experienced, many are faced with being thrown into remote learning. This means that as more people flock to this style of learning, more resources will be invested into creating better quality E-Learning options and platforms.

Translating E-Learning courseware from English to French Canadian, English to Spanish, or English to German is all in a day’s work.The E-Learning movement is global.

Ad Astra appreciates the magnitude and the accessibility that E-Learning Translation Services provide to people around the world. We enable your E-Learning courseware to be enjoyed by a global audience.

E-Learning Formats and Deliverables

Ad Astra, Inc. can work with virtually any E-Learning platform or file type and provides complete deliverables. This to say that depending on how your E-Learning courseware if conceived, we can provide just the translated XLIFF (.xlf) files for you to re-import into your Rise 360, Articulate, Storyline, or Adobe Captivate platforms (and others) or provide you with the fully localized course. It’s really whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Let’s discuss our winning E-learning translation approach and how we can help you.

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