4 Unexpected Countries That Speak Spanish

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Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language, following behind English and French. There is an estimate stating that 572 million people speak Spanish all over the world! It is also the 2nd most studied language in the world. So if it wasn’t clear before, Spanish is of great importance for many people to communicate through various forms of news, literature, art and beyond!That so many countries in South America speak Spanish doesn’t really come as a surprise though. There are some countries that you probably won’t expect speak Spanish either as an official language or as a 2nd language. Want to know which countries we’re talking about? Let’s dive into these unexpected Spanish-speaking countries below!

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Ad Astra Goes to the Movies: CODA

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The Ad Astra team recently watched the Apple Original 2021 film CODA (Child of Deaf Adults), directed by Sian Heder. On the tail of an exciting year for Deaf representation and stories on film, television, games and more – this heartwarming movie about family and finding oneself was a touching experience to see. Dive in as we discuss the importance of authentic Deaf representation on the silver screen. We’ll cover some of the real-life scenarios that played out in the film, learn more about why language access is so important and explore some of the facets of Deaf culture the film presented to us.

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Rare and Dying Languages of The World You May Not Know About

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There are over 6000 languages on Earth, but many languages run the risk of becoming extinct! 1 language dies every two weeks as speakers and teachers of them dwindle down. When the globe loses a language, it loses connections to history, culture and traditions that can never be regained. Learn a bit about some rare languages we are fond of throughout the globe and the steps being taken to preserve them.

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7 Unexpected Countries That Speak French

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Have you ever wondered why French is so popular? A World Population Review report shows that about 76 million people are native French speakers, while 274 million speak French fluently. With French being the second most widely spoken language in the European Union, the numbers only continue to rise. However, it might surprise you that some unexpected countries speak a great deal of French! Let’s take you through the surprising list of countries to see for yourself!

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What Does an Over the Phone Interpreter Do?

Ad Astra Phone Interpreters Rock

The pandemic has forever changed the way people communicate and work. Many of us that were lucky enough to be in professions that could translate to home settings quickly invested in microphones, comfortable chairs and high-speed internet to adapt. One job that also made the leap was the critical function of interpretation – specifically over the phone interpretation.

It might not be the first time that you are coming across the concept of over-the-phone interpretation. The current coronavirus pandemic has added more to the rising popularity of over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) thanks to its ease of use and mobility. Can you speak fluent English? Good! Are you bilingual? Better!

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Phone Interpreter Services

A doctor and patient use an Ad Astra phone interpreting services.

Imagine you’re at work and your manager needs you to speak to a person with whom you do not share the same language. We all know that language barriers tend to cause unexpected delays or can even jeopardize an entire project.How do we overcome potential communication pitfalls with someone that we must work with or care for but can’t communicate with?

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