Your Intro to Using OPI

Ad Astra blog Header Your Intro to Using OPI

Do you want to communicate with a client or patient that doesn’t speak your language? Then over the phone interpreting is just what you might need!Over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) is a remote interpretation service offered by language services providers to facilitate communication between parties who speak different languages through the form of a three-way call.In a modern, hyper-connected world, OPI is also commonly used by companies that seek to reach and retain multicultural customers.

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How Business Translation Works with an Agency

Ad Astra this guy understands the differences between community interpreting and non-community interpreting

Translation has become a vital tool in the business field, for it is one of the means through which businesses can communicate their messages to people across the globe. Hence, international business expansion depends heavily on it.  

International expansion grants the success of any business as it ensures your business is reaching a larger audience globally. However, implementing translation as a tool into the success of your business needs to be done within an organized framework. 

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What’s the Difference Between Translation and Localization?

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For most of human history, geography determined who you could form relationships with. Even if you weren’t locked in by mountain ranges or wholly dependent on living next to a water source for your survival, you could only access the people immediately around you at any given time. That couldn’t be more different from the world we live in today. Now, a total of five billion people use the internet to stay in touch with friends and conduct any number of other activities.

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How and Why To Localize Your SEO Materials

Ad Astra Blog Header How and Why To Localize Your SEO Materials

Suppose your product is a resounding success in your current market. You might be thinking, “my fellow Americans love my product, and I’ll bet people elsewhere will love it too”. You’re excited about international expansion, but first, you need to ready your website. So, how do you tailor your website to people who speak different languages and hail from other cultures? If you’ve pondered this question, you’re in the right place.  Our helpful guide will outline exactly how and why you should localize your SEO materials.

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Best Practices for Multilingual Customer Service

Ad Astra Best Practices for Multilingual Customer Service Blog Header

When people can’t get help in their native language, it causes them pain and frustration. They feel like you don’t care about what they are going through.Your multilingual customer service approach will make sure that every one of your customers knows how much you appreciate them and their business.So today, we’re sharing with you the Best Practices for Multilingual Customer Service! 

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Funny Stories About Over the Phone Interpreting

Ad Astra Blog - Funny Stories About Over the Phone Interpreting

Over the phone interpreting (OPI) has become a critical life-line for many during the last few years of the pandemic. This easy to use and straightforward communication access method can pair most any language combination for an individual with a qualified interpreter via telephone.We sat down with 3 of our Ad Astra over the phone interpreter superstars to learn more about them and their work.

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