A Hard Look at Certifications: Are They Worth It?

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One of the elements of business growth in language services for businesses and translators is becoming recognized and certified by standards organizations. Reputable companies often hire individuals, firms or organizations that are certified due to the feeling of trust it might give them – the same goes for translators that want to demonstrate professional value. It assures both parties that they will deliver excellent service or follow strict protocols. However, as we’ll explore with you, that isn’t always the case.

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Classic but Funny Mistranslations

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Have you ever come across a translation that seemed hard to believe, strange or funny? Many translations have led to confusion and misinformation because of issues with the language, context, or grammatical structure in which they were presented. When business skip using translation experts and head to Google Translate, they are guaranteed to get strange and comical copy. Here’s a list of some classic but funny translations.

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6 of the Most Common Spanish Translation Errors

Spanish is an official language in more than 20 countries with an estimated half a trillion speakers! As you can guess innumerable dialects and regional variances course throughout the language’s veins. Spanish-English translation therefor comes with a host of potential errors, goofs, and issues to look out for. Dive into this deep exploration of 6 of the most common Spanish translation errors.

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Rare and Dying Languages of The World You May Not Know About

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There are over 6000 languages on Earth, but many languages run the risk of becoming extinct! 1 language dies every two weeks as speakers and teachers of them dwindle down. When the globe loses a language, it loses connections to history, culture and traditions that can never be regained. Learn a bit about some rare languages we are fond of throughout the globe and the steps being taken to preserve them.

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7 Unexpected Countries That Speak French

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Have you ever wondered why French is so popular? A World Population Review report shows that about 76 million people are native French speakers, while 274 million speak French fluently. With French being the second most widely spoken language in the European Union, the numbers only continue to rise. However, it might surprise you that some unexpected countries speak a great deal of French! Let’s take you through the surprising list of countries to see for yourself!

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A 101 Buyer’s Guide on Translation Services

For some time, the translation industry has been undergoing a forceful rate push downwards from clients. Be it from multi-bajillion dollar entities to those who truly have little capacity on spend. Translation tends to be seen as a necessary evil. Something that has to be done – which usually pops up in the “Oh yeah, I almost forgot” stage of most projects.

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