Ad Astra Goes to the Movies: CODA

CODA Film Featured Image

The Ad Astra team recently watched the Apple Original 2021 film CODA (Child of Deaf Adults), directed by Sian Heder. On the tail of an exciting year for Deaf representation and stories on film, television, games and more – this heartwarming movie about family and finding oneself was a touching experience to see. Dive in as we discuss the importance of authentic Deaf representation on the silver screen. We’ll cover some of the real-life scenarios that played out in the film, learn more about why language access is so important and explore some of the facets of Deaf culture the film presented to us.

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DC Design Week 2020

A whirlwind of expression and creativity took place from September 18th through 25th at DC Design Week 2020! Despite the obstacles that COVID-19 posed, DCDW produced an inclusive and open virtual space for visionaries of all kinds. As a supporting sponsor, Ad Astra Inc. supported language access to DCDW’s brilliant events for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing attendees by providing real-time closed captioning (CART) and ASL interpreters.

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