Why ASL Interpreters Are Hard to Find?

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Ensuring Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Deafblind individuals have access to qualified and effective American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters is a language access right in America. Whether supporting coworkers, students, patients, or peers we want to make sure they have ready access to a great ASL interpreter. With continued pandemic and emergency response coverage came new strains on an already very limited pool of qualified interpreters. In this piece we’ll explore why ASL interpreters are hard to find.

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How to Become an ASL Interpreter

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The nation has experienced considerably more American Sign Language interpretation on their screens and phones due to the many COVID press events and national crisis coverage over the last 2 years. Films and Netflix shows also highlighting Signed Languages has further brought attention to these unique languages.But did you know that there is a dire need for new, diverse Sign Language interpreters and plenty of room to grow in this exciting field. So how does someone go about becoming a Sign Language interpreter? Our Deaf & Hard of Hearing team will lay out how a hearing person can become an effective ASL interpreter!

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