Ad Astra Founder Featured in MultiLingual Magazine

One massive trend that was accelerated by the pandemic was the shift towards telemedicine and telehealth. Delivering healthcare through phones and computers quickly gained footing as a rapid means to get people in front of life saving services. 

Immediately though, questions arose around how these services were leaving behind people that didn’t speak English or were learning it.  

Excluding these individuals from critical healthcare resources can lead to problems since language barriers result in a poor understanding of diagnosis, increase the chance of a serious medical event, and increase hospital re-admission rates. 

Ad Astra Founder & President, Lena, sat down with Mark Shriner, strategic sales director for memoQ, to discuss “The Rise of OPI, VRI, and Interpretation Management Systems in Healthcare”.  

You won’t want to miss this elucidating conversation.

Find the full interview and audio version over at MultiLingual



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