Tactile Interpreting

We provide tailored services for those who are deaf-blind.

Our Clients

We help our clients "change the world one word at a time" by facilitating meaningful connections through linguistic support in more than 250 spoken languages, dialects, and various signed languages.

Our Service

We serve our clients through every imaginable medium - in person, on paper, over the phone, through video, and online.

Our People

We consider ourselves "ambassadors of access". Ad Astra linguists possess native fluency and cross-cultural knowledge that ensures nothing gets lost in translation.

Ad Astra
Reliable Linguistic Support Services

Tactile Interpreting

Our specially trained interpreters use tactile signing techniques and alphabets to provide communication to individuals who are deafblind or have difficulties with hearing and vision. Our interpreters use the hand-over-hand communication method to support any consumer need, including interpreting for events and meetings, communicating information not available in Braille, and teaching new signing methods or vocabulary.

We at Ad Astra have a reputation for quality Tactile Interpreting. This is made possible by our screening and training process. This starts with our rigorous screening process. We screen professionals for fluency as well as industry credentials and experience. Knowledge of our clients’ industry helps our professionals communicate with clients and understand the nuances of client needs. To ensure accurate and quality facilitators, we screen our interpreters for professional experience and credentials necessary to meet our client needs. Professional experience helps us match our interpreters with our clients based on industry knowledge and familiarity with our client business.

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