Onsite Transcription (CART)

Real-time transcription services — on time and on schedule.

Our Clients

We help our clients "change the world one word at a time" by facilitating meaningful connections through linguistic support in more than 250 spoken languages, dialects, and various signed languages.

Our Service

We serve our clients through every imaginable medium - in person, on paper, over the phone, through video, and online.

Our People

We consider ourselves "ambassadors of access". Ad Astra linguists possess native fluency and cross-cultural knowledge that ensures nothing gets lost in translation.

Ad Astra
Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART)

Onsite Transcription (CART)

Similar to Ad Astra Onsite Communication Access Real-Time Transcription (CART), our Remote CART team delivers real-time transcription. Our leading technology, and certified & skilled professionals can simultaneously read speech-to-text transcription remotely via any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Our Remote CART providers listen to speech remotely, type it real-time, and stream the accurate text to a secure Internet URL, enabling instantaneous access to the  transcription of the full spoken conversation.

Our large pool of Remote CART professionals provides fast and accurate transcriptions, including capturing all of the “sound” environment, tones, and other verbal cues to ensure full understanding of spoken conversations. We serve educational institutes, conferences, and an array of other public and private entities.

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