State & Federal Government

Connecting constituencies and communities with their governments.

Our Clients

We help our clients "change the world one word at a time" by facilitating meaningful connections through linguistic support in more than 250 spoken languages, dialects, and various signed languages.

Our Service

We serve our clients through every imaginable medium - in person, on paper, over the phone, through video, and online.

Our People

We consider ourselves "ambassadors of access". Ad Astra linguists possess native fluency and cross-cultural knowledge that ensures nothing gets lost in translation.

Ad Astra
Accurate and Reliable Linguistic Support

State & Federal Government

We provide an array of interpretation, translation, and Deaf and Hard of Hearing services to federal, state and local government agencies across the country. We understand the importance of a streamlined contracting process and the need for efficiency from start to finish. Our extensive experience combined with our best practices allows us to deliver the best results possible for our clients and those they serve.

We’re familiar with the vision of many government agencies when it comes to contracts and budgets and provide a series of flexible solutions tailored to their exact needs. We have a demonstrated track record of finding language professionals familiar with challenges common to government agencies.

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