Delivering solutions to professionals and patients.

Our Clients

We help our clients "change the world one word at a time" by facilitating meaningful connections through linguistic support in more than 250 spoken languages, dialects, and various signed languages.

Our Service

We serve our clients through every imaginable medium - in person, on paper, over the phone, through video, and online.

Our People

We consider ourselves "ambassadors of access". Ad Astra linguists possess native fluency and cross-cultural knowledge that ensures nothing gets lost in translation.

Ad Astra
Accurate and Reliable Linguistic Support

Linguistic Support for Healthcare

Hospitals, doctors, patients, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and other professionals in related fields all benefit from accurate language services. We employ a team of professional linguists who provide services with exacting detail and in accordance with all common patient privacy and HIPAA compliance. Accuracy is the most critical component of safe and effective communication between providers and patients in medical environments. Our team is specialized in medical settings and versed in medical terminology to ensure a high-quality care and patient experience.

We leverage ongoing and recurring relationships with certified linguists to meet the demands of our clients through in-person, video, and over-the-phone interpreting. Our professionals meet all Joint Commission requirements. Through rigorous training, testing, and consistent feedback we ensure that our clients receive the highest quality of language services.

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