We understand that projects need to stay on budget.

Our Clients

We help our clients "change the world one word at a time" by facilitating meaningful connections through linguistic support in more than 250 spoken languages, dialects, and various signed languages.

Our Service

We serve our clients through every imaginable medium - in person, on paper, over the phone, through video, and online.

Our People

We consider ourselves "ambassadors of access". Ad Astra linguists possess native fluency and cross-cultural knowledge that ensures nothing gets lost in translation.

Ad Astra

Accurate and Affordable

Ad Astra provides exceptional service at competitive rates with a straightforward pricing structure for our services. While accuracy is paramount for all our clients, there’s no reason why accuracy and affordability need to be mutually exclusive. We design customized programs for our clients that serve their specific needs without needlessly adding to their budget.

We build efficiency into our service model, leveraging tools such as our proprietary project management and scheduling software to increase productivity without increasing costs. Our service rates are all-inclusive, with no additional charges for expediting, weekend, or holiday hours and no project management fees. Also, Ad Astra’s high repeat business rate allows us to offer clients volume discounts to save even more.

As a one-stop all linguistic services business, Ad Astra offers a wide variety of language resources all in one place – including transcription, translation, and interpreting to and from over 250 native languages, including sign language, as well as a full suite of Deaf/Hard of Hearing services. This breadth of services enables us to extend industry leading services at prices that don’t break the bank.

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